Friday 29 July 2016

Mezco expands its Star Trek action figure range with tribbles, chairs, and more

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, Mezco announced some new Star Trek additions to their One:12 Collective range of highly detailed 1/12th scale action figures. Continue below for a look at the new figures, and the latest on the rest of the range.

The newly announced figures include a Trouble with Tribbles variant of Captain Kirk, in his wrap-style uniform, which of course comes with lots of tribbles!

Also announced is a captain's chair to fit the figures, which will have light and sound features.

And displayed for the first time, a new Mirror Spock variant. I believe this will be a ThinkGeek exclusive, but has yet to go on sale.

All the new figures, and previously announced characters in the range, were on display at the Mezco booth at the Comic Con. Tomopop got these shots of them all:

The Cage version of Spock pictured above was released recently, exclusive to Vegas Dead Dolls. He comes with all the cool landing party uniform extras and Pike era equipment.

The regular Spock, and Sulu figures, are out already (see previous coverage), Captain Kirk is due out in the next few weeks. Here's a closer look at him too:


Mike said...

The Mirror Mirror Spock was available at the ThinkGeek booth at Comic Con. See A friend of mine who was at the con was able to pick one up for me.

8of5 said...

I get the impression it's not a Comic Con exclusive though? Just get an early release there.

Mike said...

He is up for sale now on the ThinkGeek website at

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