Friday 15 July 2016

Latest Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory crossover toys

The Big Bang Theory characters are donning their Starfleet uniforms once more, for two new sets of Star Trek themed toys. Continue below for all the details.

Bif Bang Pow's latest offering is a series of 3.75 inch tall action figures, giving us all the main Big Bang Theory characters in TOS uniforms.

These are a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, but like all Bif Bang Pow's exclusive's are also available for pre-order via Entertainment Earth.  They come in somewhat peculiar editions (I imagine relative to each character's popularity): There will be 2464 Sheldons produced, 2360 each of Leonard, Penny, and Howard, 2320 of Raj, and 2280 each of Bernadette and Amy.

Also from Bif Bang Pow all seven characters will also be available as a set of Pin Mates, which are hand-made wooden pin characters. These are an edition of 1504, and also San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

The regular Star Trek counterparts to these have been previously announced, are are expected to have an August release.

These two new ranges are just the latest in a long line of crossovers between the two series. Other Star Trek Big Bang Theory toys include Pop! vinyl figures, Mystery Mini figurines, and Wacky Wobbler bobble heads, all from Funko, plus eight-inch (Mego style) figures from Bif Bang Pow.

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