Saturday 9 August 2014

Book bits: Section 31 cover and future book updates

Books news! First up, via, behold the cover of David Mack's follow-up to the Bashir story from The Fall, coming in November, is Section 31: Disavowed:

The art for this cover is by Tim Bradstreet, who did covers for many of th early issues of the nuTrek ongoing comic series. Here's a reminder of the blurb:
Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, and answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost.

Doctor Julian Bashir sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate Section 31 and destroy it from within. Now it's asking him to help it stop the Breen from stealing a dangerous new technology from the Mirror Universe — one that could give the Breen control over the galaxy.

It's a mission Bashir can't refuse, but is it really the shot he's been waiting for? Or is it a trap from which even his genetically enhanced intellect can't escape?

Looking further ahead, several authors have recently hinted at future works. Continue after the jump for the latest news on Titan and New Frontier, plus The Light Fantastic and From History's Shadow follow-ups.

Talking to Visionary Treks' The Captain's Table, James Swallow gave a couple of teases about his next Titan novel, Sight Unseen, which he also revealed is expected to arrive in October next year:
I will put Riker and Vale in a situation in Sight Unseen that puts them in different places, and changes their relationship in a way you haven't seen before, that will perhaps create some friction between the two of them.
While Swallow did mention Titan wont simply be returning to its mission of exploration, that does apparently still factor in:
Titan is going to go back out, and they're going to be doing some exploring, and they're going to be doing some strange new worlds contacting new alien species. But what's going to happen is they're going to find themselves stumbling across something very unpleasant; and that's about as much as I can tell you.
Swallow also mentioned the next book he will be working on, a TOS novel is likely to be a 2016 release. The rest of the podcast was primarily discussing Swallow's earlier Titan novel, Synthesis.

At the recent Shore Leave convention Peter David reportedly confirmed he is working on a new New Frontier novel, and that it will pick up pretty much right after the last release in the series, Blind Man's Bluff.

Also discussed at Shore Leave was the idea the in-universe pace of story-telling might slow down a bit for a little while. In recent years the novels have been zipping through the timeline, but we might now expect fewer jumps forward as the stories unfold. (News from Shore Leave via Thrawn - creator of the Treklit reading order flowchart - posted on the TrekBBS, which Jens Deffner alerted me to!)

Meanwhile, over on TrekFM's Literary Treks, the guys recently talked to Jeffrey Lang about his new Data novel, The Light Fantastic, and also managed to get a tease of what he'd like to explore if he gets the opportunity to follow-up: The Original Series, that there were all of these androids around, and they all seem to have come from somewhere else, a looong time ago, and they all settled here. Why? Where did they come from? Why did they leave where they were? And apparently they went a very long way to get here - That's very loosest terms I want to talk about. And I also want to make sure that Moriarty and Data were teamed up in one of those kind of, you know "They're cops, but they don't like each other..."
Dayton Ward also has a sequel in mind, for From History's Shadow (one of the best and most original Trek books of all time). As he noted in his most recent writing-round-up blog:
Yes, I’m really starting to get serious about this idea. I’ve been jotting down random thoughts and other notes as they come to me, and the other day while I was mowing the lawn the seeds of an actual plot line began to take shape in my little monkey brain. I still need to flesh things out and get everything ordered the way I want it, but I think I’m going to submit this notion to my editors and see what they say. At first I thought I might simply pitch any follow-ups as e-Book novellas, but I’ve since come to the conclusion that I have enough meat for a full novel. I guess we’ll see what happens.
That's all for now. To stay up to date with all the latest book releases, hit the books or prose buttons on top of my 2014 and 2015 schedule pages, for details of al the forthcoming titles and links to all my previous reports.

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