Thursday 14 August 2014

A closer look at the Starships Collection's Maquis and Valdore

UPDATE: In addition to the official images from The Official Starships Collection below, the series' manager, Ben Robinson, has posted a photo of some of the in-development models currently on his desk. Seen here are (from front to back) the Delta Flyer (issue thirty-eight), the Romulan drone ship (issue thirty-nine), an Oberth class (issue thirty-six), the Kumari, Shran's Andorian cruiser (issue thirty-seven), and the saucer of the nuUSS Enterprise (the already released second special issue). The first of the four new models seen here will be the last release of the year in late December, with the others following in 2015.

Due out next month (in the UK, with the rest of the world to follow) is the issue twenty-eight, the Maquis Raider Val Jean. The Collection's Twitter posted a higher res version of the model photo, giving us a good look at this impressively detailed little ship:

UPDATE: have also previewed this issue now, giving details of both the model and magazine:
Although it is best known for its appearance in Star Trek: Voyager’s pilot, "Caretaker," Chakotay’s Maquis Raider owes its origins to another smaller ship that first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Model maker Greg Jein adapted this small Maquis fighter by giving it a new, larger bridge and extra detail along the spine of the hull -- and the die-cast model is based on this modified version of the ship.
The accompanying magazine looks at how the Maquis used their battered ships to wage war on the Cardassians, talks to Greg Jein about adapting the studio model and takes a look at the origins of the Maquis.
A little further along, at issue thirty-one, is the Romulan warbird Valdore, Forbidden Planet recently added listings for this, and the following runabout issue. From the Valdore listing we get good close look at the model, and the cover revealed (although the latter seems to have been formatted to be very dark).

Forbidden Planet's listing for the runabout, as with other before, only shows the magazine cover, so we've still got to wait to see that model.

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Anonymous said...

I love how they're making ships that aren't so typical and haven't been overdone.

Really looking forward to the Oberth

The Drone ship looks pretty cool too.

Fox said...

Looks like the trend of alien ships looking much better than Freddie ships is going to continue.

Of this lot, the Delta Flyer looks pretty impressive. And big! The Valdore, sadly, seems a bit of a letdown with that giant open seam. The drone ship is absolutely gorgeous, though, and the Andorian destroyer looks pretty badass, too.

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