Trek-lit reading order

As the continuity of Star Trek novels grows the question is ever changing, but if you're wondering: "What do I need to read before Articles of the Federation?" or "...Destiny?" or "...The Fall?", here are the answers.

If you're a bit lost navigating the sometimes complex web of interconnectivity between the various Star Trek novels in the modern continuity, here is the resource you need. TrekBBS user Thrawn found a most elegant solution, with his brilliant Star Trek Lit-Verse Reading Order Flowchart. Now on the version four, Thrawn and I guide you through the world of Star Trek fiction.

Whether you're a fan of TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise the chart below will show how they spin off into New Frontier, Titan, Klingon Empire, Vanguard, or Seekers, and crossover into Destiny, Typhon Pact, The Fall, Mirror Universe, and more; letting you chart your own path through the Trek-litverse. Once you've got to grips with the flow chart you might also find some of my lists a useful reference too. Click the image to view larger:

Many thanks to Thrawn for allowing me to share this fantastic resource with you, and for his continued support in making new revisions. For more information on how everything links up, check out the Charting the Novel-verse thread on the TrekBBS, or have a look at The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide.

Not sure where to begin your reading adventure? Here are some suggested starting points for you:
  • If you're looking to jump on a relatively up to date point, then The Fall is a good place to start; the five-part crossover brings together most of the 24th century series, and shakes up the status quo for the series as they continue independently after.
  • To more fully immerse yourself in the litverse, the previous big corssover event was the Destiny trilogy - A  great place to jump in, leading to stories from several series set after it. One step back from Destiny is Articles of the Federation, which is the perfect introduction to the world of Federation politics which becomes prominent in Destiny and beyond.
  • DS9 was the first series to enjoy a post-TV relaunch; the main new DS9 adventures start from Avatar. If you'd prefer to jump ahead to the more recent DS9 stories they have a good jumping on point comes after Destiny, in Rough Beasts of Empire.
  • The ongoing TNG narrative really starts from the A Time to… series, but you could jump on from the first book set after Nemesis, Death in Winter. The other branch of TNG, Titan, gets going from Taking Wing.
  • Voyager's first post-Endgame stories start from Homecoming, but the series got something of a second start later with Full Circle.
  • Enterprise's post finale adventures begin from The Good That Men Do. This series also has secondary relaunch with the post Romulan War era in A Choice of Futures.
  • While there isn’t such a solid ongoing narrative for TOS, 23rd century fans can start Vanguard from Harbinger. There is also a small run of TOS stories set after The Motion Picture, those start from Ex Machina.


Alejandro said...

Thanks for the hard work !!! i do really appreciate it.
Do you have plans on updating from time to time ???


Alejandro said...

Thanks for the hard work !!! i do really appreciate it.
Do you have plans on updating from time to time ???


8of5 said...

It's on version 2 at the moment, I'll probably do an update once The Fall is done and we know what effect that has on everything :)

Tor Berggren said...

Thank you so much for updating this. It is possible to find the info yourself on Memory Alpha etc but this is a much easier way to do it and a good way too not scare off new readers with them having to do too much own research.

dwasifar said...

Where is Spock Must Die in this? Also, you have a typo in the title of "Greater Than the Sum."

But... wow, just wow. What a map.

Rev. Andrew Holt said...

Important question: where does "Planet X", the TNG/X-Men crossover, fit in?

Rev. Andrew Holt said...

Important question: where does "Planet X", the TNG/X-Men crossover, fit in?

8of5 said...

Thanks for the note dwasifer, fixed that error now :)

Rev, Planet X doesn't really much connect to the wider continuity as far as I know (I've not read it), but I believe it's a direct sequel to the TNG/X-Men comic Second Contact, which itself takes place immediately after First Contact.

Anthony Lynch said...

This is an amazing reference.
Thanks very much for putting it together.
I've been using it to organise my Trek Books and for reading the 20 or so trek books that I've recently bought in the right order.

Rosita Zenried said...

hi fantastic flow chart!
...what program did you use to create the chart?

Aaron said...

I love you for making this. The Pocket Books Novel-verse is starting to become like it's own Star-Wars-Expanded-Universe-esque canon storyline.

Dan Gagich said...

This is really awesome! I love Star Trek and after watching everything 1000 times over I need new content so I figured I would dive into the book series for the first time. But where to start? This really helps answer that question and gives me a good reference! Thanks!

Benjamin said...

First, I absolutely love this thing. I've been trying to get caught up on Trek lit for a while now and this has been VERY HELPFUL.

A couple constructive comments:
#1 There's a dashed green line going to Serpents Among the Ruins/The Art of the Impossible/Alien Spotlight: Cardassians/Cardassia and Andor that doesn't have a beginning. It's all end arrows, so it's unclear which direction this is supposed to go.

#2 Q Are Cordially Invited. I haven't read it yet so I don't know exactly where it goes but I'm thinking it needs to be included.

8of5 said...

Hi Benjamin, apologies for the very slow reply, I hadn't spotted your comment!

As you might see, we've just posted an updated version of the chart, which might help with your questions, but to expand on them:

#1 We removed the multi-directional Cardassian story arrow because ti was a bit confusing indeed, but the idea was to show how all the Cardassian/Garak stories are generally a bit interconnected. But we can sort of communicate that with the series dots not, so we didn't need the confusing arrows to everywhere!

#2 Q Are Cordially Invited... tells the story of the Picard/Crusher wedding, which took place some time before Greater Than the Sum. But there is a framing story on an unspecified wedding anniversary. As we couldn't spot a reference to which anniversary we've opted to put it down in almost publication order, with the other TNG ebook, just before The Fall.

Tekolar said...

Sadly the site that opens once I click on the flow chart stays blank.

8of5 said...

Working fine for me. Anyone else having problems?

Jannik Pitt said...

Thanks for this graphic, it really helps me and will from now on be my guide :)
Do you have plans on updating it with the new novels that have been and will be released?

8of5 said...

Of course, this is already version four, which includes most of the books coming out this year (that have connections to the wider continuity) and a few even further ahead already. As more books come we'll update accordingly, and also refine the chart once we know more connections in forthcoming books :)

Jannik Pitt said...

That's amazing to hear! Thanks again for your work it really helps!

Kevin Silva said...

Thank you for creating this. Watched all the shows, just now getting into the books!

This helps a bunch!

Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

I have watched the show, its better if you had created this flowchart with standard flowchart symbols

kfcs2000 said...

This is top-notch.

Printed it off and have it laminated already!

Been able to track all my reading and discover what else to read in some logical order.

As a result, just bought 13 new books.

Hunting down the older ones are a bit tricky - been using Abe Books but this can be a wee expensive when you live in Australia.

Booktopia's great for the more popular and/or newer books.

Just wanted to say thank-you

kfcs2000 said...

That should be Book Depository.

Booktopia a place a hardly buy books from - but I do from time to time.

Needless to say, I've never bought any Star Trek from Booktopia.

Have a great day :)

Koen Wijnstok said...

I come back to this flow chart every couple of months. Just to find out which book(s) to read next.
Thanks for the good work!

Terry J. Erdmann said...

The DS9 upcoming book "The Empty Sack" is now titled "Rules of Accusation" and will be out in July, 2016

Kevin Silva said...

Thanks for the update Terry!

Mark Barnett said...


Any update incoming?

8of5 said...

Working on an update right now in fact, I expect it will be up next week some time (complete with the final title for Terry's book!).

Kevin Silva said...

Excited to see it. thanks.

James Bowers said...

Thank you Baby Jesus I found this