Wednesday 6 August 2014

Seekers art

With Second Nature, the first book in the new Vanguard spin-off series, Seekers, out now, the artist that inspired the whole thing, Rob Caswell, has started to share some of his work on the cover art on his DeviantART gallery. Here are some early cover concepts, as Rob explains:
To begin the project I did a few different rough concepts based on author David Mack's cover element description. That's one advantage of the medium. Working in 3D can make concepting like this move pretty quickly. As you can probably see, the final cover drew elements from concepts 2, 3, and 5. 

And here's the final artwork for Second Nature:

Rob also produced an original piece of Seekers artwork which was given away at the Shore Leave convention this past weeked. You can check that out after the jump:

Dayton Ward, co-author of the second Seekers book, Point of Divergence, shared the poster version of the artwork on his blog, while Rob posted the artwork without the titles on DeviantART:

David Mack's Second Nature, the first Seekers book is out now, with Point of Divergence, by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, due to follow next month, and complete the two-part story. The series will continue in the future with stand-alone novels alternating between authors and featured ships.

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