Thursday 21 August 2014

New TOS and TNG character and ship bobble-heads

Earlier this year Bif Bang Pow released a three bobble-heads based on The Wrath of Khan (Kirk, Spock, and Khan), and now they're returning to the TOS movie era with three more characters, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov. Entertainment Earth have recently added listing for these, anticipating a November release.

At the Toy Fair earlier in the year, Bif Bang Pow also displayed McCoy, Uhura, and Kruge bobble-heads, so presumably there will be more to come in the movie-era range.

Meanwhile they are busy bobbling in other eras, continue after the jump for their latest TNG and ship releases:

Bif Bang Pow have already released the TNG crew in a multi-part bobbling bridge diorama, and now it seems they'll be giving some characters the upright treatment too. Well, at least one character, Captain Picard, which Entertainment Earth are expecting in October:

There's also a new monitor mate, the smaller sized bobble-heads which come with adhesive pads to stick them to your computer monitor. This latest release, also due in November, is the original USS Enterprise (image of this one via

A larger scale Enterprise is also on the way, that one's been up for pre-order a little while now, expected in September.

Entertainment Earth

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