Saturday 9 August 2014

Ship bits: Galor, Jem'Hadar, Reliant and the Enterprise-E

A few starship updates for you. First up, in the works from Round 2 Models is a new addition to their 1/2500 scale Cadet Series model kit range. The new DS9 themed collection will include the Defiant, Saratoga, and a Galor class. The Round 2 blog posted several photos of their prototype Galor class, which looks impressively detailed. Here are a few images, and you'll find more on Collector Model:

Another DS9-related release is coming from Eaglemoss who next month will release in the Jem'Hadar "bug" as issue twenty-nine of The Official Starships Collection. Forbidden Planet recently added a listing for this issue, including a nice high res image of another impressively detailed model:

And there's more, continue after the jump for new images of QMx's Reliant, and a new Enterprise-E painting.

QMx revealed their high end artisan replica USS Reliant at the San Diego Comic Con, and have now posted a gallery of their own photos of their displays. That includes lots of images of the Reliant, including a good look at the fantastic little shuttlebays (many more images via QMx):

Finally, Lightspeed Fine Art have announced a new print featuring the Enterprise-E. The new image, by James Cuckr, is available now in its standard format, or if you wait until September will also be offered signed by the principle cast of TNG.

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