Thursday 28 November 2013

Trek Toys updates: Latest figures and props

A few bits of toy (and general collectables news), starting with the reveal of the next wave of Skele-Treks figures. The new range of Mexican inspired TOS and TNG characters is due to start in December with a collection of three five-inch tall figures, they are to be followed by six two-inch versions (of the same characters, joined by three others), in January. Now retailers are starting to list wave two of the smaller scale figures, which are expected in March. Those will be Uhura, a Mugato, Khan (Wrath of Khan style), Riker, Worf, and Deanna Troi. Ikon Collectables posted this artwork depicting the new characters:

At a somewhat larger scale, DST have revealed the packaging for their first TNG figure in the seven inch Star Trek Select range. Captain Picard and his broken Borg are expected in December. Here's how DST describe him:
Dynamically sculpted by Patrick Pigott, Art Asylum’s lead Star Trek figure sculptor since 2003, Picard’s default stance is firing a phaser at an unseen foe, but seven points of articulation in his upper body allow him a wide range of expressive poses. Also, his hands and legs are interchangeable with other figures in the Select line, which means you’ll be able to give him Mr. Spock’s classic Tricorder and Phaser. He stands atop a base representing the interior of a Borg cube, and the torso and arm of an exploded Borg rests at his feet. The parts are also removable from the base, so you can take them back to the Enterprise for study when the figure hits stores in late December.

If you prefer to be the one pointing a phaser at things, then there's good news from Round 2 Models. Last year they were planning to re-issue the "exploration set" (a set of prop model kits including the TOS phaser, communicator, and tricorder), but then pulled it from their schedule due to issues with the tooling. It would appear that has been remedied, as they have now relisted it on their website, and expect it to be out in January. They have also updated their packaging design.

Finally, for a fancier prop, QMx are offering a new set of commbadges are part of the variety of items items they are selling on Black Friday. The badges have been made using the original prop molds, and using the same techniques, with painted resin and velcro attachments to a plaque. Included are the TNG badge, and for the first time from QMx Voyager and Bajoran badges. There will be just a hundred in this format available:

QMx's other Black Friday offerings include the very limited edition ringship Enterprise replica model, a stand-alone release of the nuTrek phaser from the Amazon exclusive bluray set, and combo packs of their Trekkies figurines.

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