Friday 1 November 2013

Latest Trek-wear: Spock-socks, uniforms, and competition T-shirts

Some of the latest Trek-fashion to enjoy: Starting with possibly the weirdest item of Trek clothing I can recall. Previously you've been able to get costume Spock ears, even ones attached to a Christmas hat, or a hoodie (and indeed a hoodie for dogs!), but now you can get your very own Spock ears at handy floor-level, with the new Spock-socks (Spocks for short?):

Yes, you are actually seeing socks with poky-out ears...

Speaking of socks: Those are just one of the many garment types to have been transformed into Starfleet uniforms before. One day, the nice people at CBS will run out of clothing to give the uniform treatment. But that day is a long way off. So now, determined to turn your entire wardrobe into some sort of Starfleet uniform, are the new TNG uniform style hoodies, from ThinkGeek. Available in all three department colours of course:

We Love Fine are also in that game, here are their latest TOS uniform T-shirts. These are a female cut, with rank marks on the short sleeves:

If you'd prefer not to mock Starfleet's uniform code though, you'll be in need of the services of Anovos, purveyors of high-end replica Starfleet uniforms. The latest addition to their range is the TNG female jumpsuit:

Finally, for some creative Trek-ware, you might like some of the designs from We Love Fine's latest T-shirt design competition. Here's the winning design, continue after the jump for a look at the runners-up, or check out We Love Fine's results page for more information on each design.

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