Friday 8 November 2013

November's retro prints have previewed this months set of TOS retro prints, the sixteenth set form Juan Ortiz. As ever they posted with some commentary on the designs from Ortiz:

A Private Little War
The Enterprise and crewman are derived from the scene where Kirk and McCoy are attacked by the Mugato. This was one of the first three prints that I made and it inspired me to create the next 77.
What I like about this one is how the white of the Mugato and the white negative space creates a shape across the center of the page and how the Mugato appears to fade into the background. The Enterprise crewman forms within a beam that mimics the Mugato's horns.
I, Mudd
I felt the design needed something along the top for some balance. In keeping with the episode, I went with a humorous tone. I think maybe that's why it was signed off on. It just fit the image well.
It wasn't until I added the hand that I felt I was able to convey that sense of lightheartedness.
The Conscience of the King
I started with the mask. Since it's gray, I thought the whole piece should be in black and white. I think that's why it has a photo look to it. The mask is such a strong image that I didn't think it needed too much more.
By Any Other Name
At first, I wasn't sure that I could get away with this one. But since it was my first idea, it was hard to let it go without trying it. I was inspired by the old action figures from the 60's and 70's, like Mego and G.I. Joe. I knew that it had to look authentic, so my experience in consumer products and retail came in handy with the copy and legal verbiage. I would love to own one of these non-action figures, but based on the recommended age, I'm not old enough.

As ever these will be released in poster form, as well as printed on T-shirts, and shot glasses.

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