Sunday 17 November 2013

Latest Star Trek novelty items

A few bits and bobs for you to ponder, starting with the latest additions to the Star Trek golf range: Now available from the store are golf club covers, and golf balls, both (as ever everything is) styled after the TOS uniforms:

The TOS uniform has also recently found itself prepared for the youngest recruits in Starfleet, with We Love Fine's new baby onesies:

Also taking a TOS influence is the latest version of Spock socks, these ones come from Threadless:

TOS doesn't get all the fun though, earlier this year an Enterprise-D bottle opener was released. The stardrive section is magnetised, as a dock for the saucer, which containers the actual bottle opener. Mock-up images of it have been around for a while, but now Busted Tees have posted a nice set of images showing the real thing, which looks pretty neat:

And there's more still, continue after the jump for Rubik's cubes, keyrings, and credit cards!

Here's the latest Trek keyring, a simple Starfleet delta, which is another recent addition to the store range: are also offering a new item in the Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory crossover range, a rock/paper/scissors/lizard/Spock Rubik's cube!

Finally, you might recall, back in May launched a range of Star Trek debit cards, featuring designs based on every prime series, except for TNG. Well they've now plugged that gap, with new deisgns featuring everything from scowling Picards to jolly Wesley Crushers:

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