Thursday 28 November 2013

Enterprise-D pizza cutter, and other Trek stuff around the home

ThinkGeek have revealed the next generation in pizza cutting technology! Following on from one of their most eye-catching and ingenious inventions, the USS Enterprise pizza cutter, they have now made available the Enterprise-D version. Owing to the ovoid shape of the D's saucer, the actual pizza cutting wheel is suspended below, and thrusting forward from, the molded saucer, this time around:

For another splash of TNG in your kitchen, DST have revealed the packaging for their forthcoming TNG ice-cube tray (which they now expect to be out next month):

UPDATE: ThinkGeek are also ready to supply something to put those ice-cubes in, with their new USS Enterprise branded tumblers:

Ready to stop those ice-cube-chilled glasses leaving rings all over, the store has recently added some new coasters, featuring starship schematics:

Also newly available from the store, are some Christmas items. They're offering Starfleet delta lights, and a Starfleet issue stocking:

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