Saturday 30 November 2013

Latest Trek-wear

A round up of the latest Star Trek stuff you can wear, starting with the winning design from Her Universe and ThinkGeek's Make it Sew competition. Jeremy Sniatecki's EntHERprise, which cunningly turned the female gender emblem into the Enterprise, is the winner, and now available from ThinkGeek:

Also new from Her Universe is their Live Long and Prosper hoody, which uses the zip placement between fingers on a hand to create the Vulcan hand sign, when the zip is pulled down:

And a new T-shirt, featuring Juan Ortiz's City on the Edge of Forever artwork:

Back with ThinkGeek, there's another variation of the TNG uniform, this time applied to T-shirts:

Meanwhile Brainstorm Gear has announced a new range of cycling and running clothing with Star Trek designs. They've launched it with a TOS design, available in male and female cuts:

And finally, Buckle Down have released a new range of seatbelt style belts, with various Star Trek logos, and designs based on Gold Key Comics (see more after the jump):

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