Thursday 19 July 2012

New TNG season one trailer

Just days away from its release, have released another new trailer for the bluray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season one:

They also posted a new interview with CBS's producer and director of special features, Roger Lay, Jr., in which he discussed the approach they are taking with the new extra features in this season and beyond.

Some of the highlights he noted from season one:
The process of going back to the original film elements in order to rebuild the episodes from the ground up allowed us to get our hands on material that had never been seen by the public before. David Grant, Ryan Adams, Angelo Dante, Craig Weiss and the team at CBS Digital have found amazing footage that we have been able to incorporate into the body of the documentaries you'll find on the season one Blu-ray set. We also have cast and crew members commenting on these discoveries and sharing some incredible stories to go along with these really fascinating visuals.
At times it was information we got from the cast and crew during our interviews that led to some amazing discoveries. For example, Rick Berman, Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold and Patrick Stewart all told us about an actor Dorothy had introduced to Gene Roddenberry early on during the casting process who became his first choice for the role of Captain Picard. After hearing this, we went ahead and reached out to him and were utterly surprised and thrilled when he confirmed the story and agreed to come in for an interview. So for the first time ever, fans will get to hear from the man who was almost cast as the Captain of the Enterprise-D and the story on how he ended up passing on such an amazing opportunity is really compelling. There’s also a really fun Easter egg featuring Brent Spiner which we’ve included on disc six which I’m hoping the fans will find! None of the early reviewers have mentioned it, so I guess they haven’t come across it yet.
He also talked about the efforts they are making to have the new extra features work as a whole across the release of the seven seasons, giving an in-depth look into the creation of TNG. He highlighted some of the features plans for future seasons:
Along with the individual interviews for the documentaries, we've also been able to get the entire cast of the show together for a really intimate reunion piece. I think fans are going to be very surprised with that one. It’s just wonderful to see them all together again as a family. It could be a one-hour network television special, but the only way to see it is on the season-two Blu-ray set. There's also a standalone piece I'm really excited about that we are calling Inside the Writer's Room. It will feature key staff writers from the show, including Ron Moore, Brannon Braga, Rene Echevarria and Naren Shankar. These guys have gone on to incredible careers since TNG wrapped and you'll see them together again, taking fans through the process of coming up with and breaking a story for TNG. We also have Seth McFarlane, who created Family Guy and is a huge TNG fan, discussing the impact TNG had on his career and modern science fiction programming.

Down the line we also have a piece on the directors of the show, a piece on the music of TNG, and a tribute to Michael Piller for season three. We've shot over 100 hours of all new interviews with cast and crew with a very specific plan in mind in terms of how we would use these interviews to build all the documentaries and supplemental pieces.
You can read the full interview, and see some new sample images, on

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