Friday 6 July 2012

First look at the Kre-o USS Enterprise have posted the first look at one of Hasbro's Star Trek Kre-O sets, the USS Enterprise:

Yikes! I know from experience that the curvy and rounded shapes of Starfleet ships can be a challenge for Lego (or Lego-like) building, and the extra curviness of the new timeline Enterprise probably doesn't help. But I can't say you've drawn me to the not-Lego dark side with that one Hasbro (makes the Mega Bloks Enterprise-D look quite decent at least...).

I am impressed though by their awesome teaser trailer animation, based on the original 2009 movie teaser trailer, showing the Enterprise under construction (pay attention to the awesome variant of the Bad Robot logo at the end):

This is itself just a tease for a Kre-O Star Trek animated short that is on the way from Bad Robot, telling an original Star Trek story in Kre-O form.

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