Friday 3 April 2009

Star Trek Online: 2386

The Star Trek Online website has been updated with the next year in their Path to 2409 timeline. The story continues to weave in elements from Countdown, while moving forward the story arcs for the Romulans and the developing Klingon-Gorn conflict. In summary:

In the Romulan Star Empire an investigation by the Romulan Mining Guild concludes that the continued over-taxation of Remus could result in a Praxis-like end to the planet and suggest Romulan mining effects spread to further reaches of the Empire. This suggestion puts the Guild at odds with the Remans, with vessels of both sides occasionally clashing for control of more distant mining worlds.

The Remans also continue to fight for greater rights, requesting a continent to live on Romulus. That request is rejected, and instead the Remans are offered the planet Crateris, the site of a failed Romulan colony, but a vast improvement over Remus.

Meanwhile Rehaek of the Tal shiar concludes his investigation into the assassination of Tal'aura, finding she was killed by a coalition of noble houses who had been enraged by her reformation of the Senate. This report sparks a feud between Rehaek and Sela, eventually leading to attack on Rehaek's home, killing him and his family. Sela is sentenced to death, but Donatra steps in to arrange for Seal to be exiled rather than killed.

Later in the year Admiral Taris takes her ship to Levaeri V to investigate claims that the "Sword of the Raptor Star", a reversed artifact from the time of the Sundering, had been discovered.

Outside of Romulan space relations between the Klingons and Gorn continued to degrade. Following the death of the Gorn King his successor, Slathis, acts to reinforce the boarders with the Klingon Empire, resulting in an escalation of forces on both sides of the boarder, and eventually a successful attack by the Klingons on Gila VI.

Away from the field of battle Worf marries his new partner Grilka, with many of his old Starfleet comrades in attendance.

In Starfleet, the refit of the USS Enterprise is completed, with command awarded to Data, and Starfleet introduces a new uniform design.

Meanwhile on Ferenginar protests rage for two days after Rom introduces free schooling using tax revenues. The protest are brought to an end when Rom introduces a scheme requiring a permit to protest, using the funding from said permits to fund the new education system.

In neighbouring Cardassian space a new agreement is reached between the Union and the Federation to disband Cardassia's military, instead allowing Starfleet to maintain security and concentrate resources n rebuilding Cardassia. The new agreement prompts the Bajoran coalition to drop it's call to charge Cardassians for war crimes in recent conflicts.

Finally, on behalf of the Founders, Odo meets with Lamat'Ukan, the leader of the Jem'Hadar in the Alpha Quadrant, to request they return to the Gamma Quadrant. Lamat'Ukan rejects Odo as a false god, and refuses to return with him.

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