Thursday 9 April 2009

new movie, new movie, new movie!

As an any good serial-trailer-watcher knows, "the wait is over", or nearly at least. Star Trek has now had it's world premier, and to go with it there's new movie stuff boiling up out of everywhere! Let us begin with, look, a new trailer:

And infinitely more exciting than fast cut trailer madness, there are also some clips of scenes from the film turning up. Such as this one (which I cant actually see because I'm not American): Link. This amusing introduction to Doctor McCoy: Link. And this bridge full of camera flare affair (which part from the weird lighting is also awesome - especially those bridge sound effects!): Link.

Elsewhere, the offical website has been updated, with the addition of the dossiers section, giving us some new images (and wallpapers) and background info on a few things. The panoramas section has also been updated, now showing off the bridge, which glows red at red alert!

Aaaand, look what some artists have been up to with the new Enterprise. Can anyone say chocolate starship?:

And would you believe it, there is still more. Fancy istunning ipeople with your iphone? Well now you can with the new (and free) iphaser app! Zappy linky zap.

And if you really like Star Trekifying everything Paramount have a site for you, Star Trekify your, aka Star Trek Homepage Fan Kit. Go see what you can do, here.

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