Tuesday 28 April 2009

IDW July

Comics Continuum have released IDW's solicitations for July, which include the following Star Trek titles (plus one new cover, and some newly reused cover art):

Crew #5
What lies at the literal end of the universe? The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are going to find out when they try to discover how entire star systems can simply vanish!

Mission's End #5
The curtain comes down on the original five-year mission. Who will survive the Archernarian civil war? What finally drives Spock and McCoy out of Starfleet? And what happens when you take the most powerful weapon in the known universe... and actually set it off? Join Captain Kirk and the crew for the final mission of the USS Enterprise.

Wrath of Khan #3
The action-packed movie concludes in the final issue of this three-part, bi-weekly extravaganza! Kirk versus Khan to the death!

Spock: Reflections #1
What could drive a man to abandon all he knows and go to live with the Federation's sworn enemy? In the follow-up series to the Star Trek: Countdown movie prequel, readers see for the first time the real motivations behind Spock's decision to live on Romulus, and follow as he looks back on what brought him to this place in his life. From the team that brought you Star Trek: Mirror Images!

The Last Generation omnibus
In this first-ever Myriad Universe tale, Starfleet is no more. The Federation lies in ruin and the Klingons have conquered Earth. But a resistance, led by Jean-Luc Picard, seeks to free humanity from Klingon rule. Now, finally, it may have the means to do it: An android named Data, who has scrutinized the timeline and discovered that things are not as they should be.

Archives #5: Best of Kirk
This six-issue collection includes the fan-favorite "Trial of James T. Kirk." As the Klingons and Nasguls pursue their vendetta against the captain, a deadly bounty hunter is eyeing the price they've placed on his head. But if the Kirk is fortunate enough to survive the encounter, will he survive the attentions of his own Federation, eagerly looking for a scapegoat to preserve universal peace?


zriza said...

Is the archives vol. 5 the same as the Titan collecion "The trial of james T. Kirk" ???

8of5 said...

At least half of it, yes. The three issue Trial of James T. Kirk story is in both, no news yet on if the rest of the book will be a repeat of the earlier Titan collection. Generally while the Archives have re-reprinted alot of stuff, they have tended to do so in slightly different combinations.

zriza said...

Ta :)

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