Monday 13 April 2009

Sneaky peak at Ships of the Line 2010, c.o. Doug Drexler

Doug Drexler has posted a photographic report of his visit to Pocket Books' offices on his (amazing) blog, and in doing so has given us a little sneaky peak at next years Ships of the Line calendar. We get a distant view of the cover, and one of the interior images, which seems to show Spacedock under construction:

Drexler also commented on some of the other artists involved in the calendar "There is a broader spectrum of medium as well, including another highly anticipated traditional style painting by Andy Probert. John Han, who uses old school physical models for his contribution. A couple of brilliant guys I scooped up from Internet fan sites… Hey Rob Wilde, Greg Stewart, and Steffen Weisener! You’re pros now baby! And two incredible pages from TOS remastered… Niel Wray and Max Gabl unleashed!"

Additionally in another of the photos he posted we can see a portion of his cover (rather more completed than the solicitation one posted earlier) for the next Vanguard novel, Precipice. Which it turns out had a working title of Flashpoint.

Drexler also commented that Margaret Clark has "had her hands full with tie in projects for the upcoming JJ Abrahms Star Trek motion picture." I wonder if there is already more in the works than just the novelization and audiobook...

Check out the Drex Files for more on his visit to Pocket Books and all sorts of over exciting behind the scenes Star Trek stuff (tis a great blog!).

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