Wednesday 25 June 2008

Toys and collectibles update

Diamond Select Toys have announced and/or officially confirmed and detailed a number of future releases:

In November the company will release a new version of the Captain Kirk and captain's chair pack, now with electronic sound features. (details here)

Also in November will be reissuing it's TOS phaser (for the umpteenth time) now in a two pack along side the more recent communicator prop. (details here)

And again in November wave five of Star Trek MiniMate debut. Which (as has been previously established) will be a jumble of TOS and DS9 figures:
-"The Trouble with Tribbles" Kirk (aka Kirk with a smirk) and Yeoman Rand
-The Motion Picture Decker and Ilia
-Captain Sisko and Gul Dukat, or a limited variant with Commander Sisko report Mattel have taken on a Trek license and will be producing Star Trek themed Barbie dolls, remote controlled vehicles and Scene It? and 20Q games.

TrekMovie also report Round Two, who own Polar Lights and AMT, have a new licensing deal, so there will be more Trek models from them forthcoming - starting with a reissue of the Polar Lights TOS-Enterprise later this year

And finally in another report have revealed the Kurt Adler company will be releasing three Star Trek Christmas products this year, a Fabriche statue of Spock with a Christmas gift of Tribbles and two Nutcrackers: Kirk and Spock.

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