Tuesday 3 June 2008

Alternate Realities episode list

TrekMovie.com have announced the episode list for the Alternate Realities Fan Collective DVD set. The set, which will Not include all the mirror universe episodes (most of them though), will arrange the episodes in themes for each disc in the set:

Disc 1: Mirror Universe
-TOS: Mirror, Mirror
-DS9: Crossover
-DS9: Through The Looking Glass
-DS9: Shattered Mirror

Disc 2: Mirror Universe and Parallel Dimensions
-ENT: In A Mirror Darkly (Parts 1 and 2)
-TOS: The Alternative Factor
-TNG: Parallels

Disc 3: Twisted Realities
-TOS: The Enemy Within
-TOS: Turnabout Intruder
-TNG: Frame of Mind
-VOY: Shattered

Disc 4: Alternate Lives
-TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise
-TNG: The Inner Light
-DS9: The Visitor
-VOY: Before and After

Disc 5: Alternate Lives
-VOY: Timeless
-VOY: Course: Oblivion
-ENT: E2
-ENT: Twilight

No news on extra features yet, other than there will be some in the form of video features and text commentaries.

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