Thursday 5 June 2008

A little adventure for Isis

As John Byrne explained on his forums: "When I plot out a story, I usually don't worry about how long it will be, in terms of being exactly 22 pages, as I have long had the habit of "compressing" my stories as I go, trying to get as much information into each page as is possible. Once in a blue moon this means I find myself approaching the end of an issue and realizing the story will be 20 or 21 pages. Occasionally I merely expand what's left, perhaps adding a small scene or two, or even some bigger panels. Or, as in the case of AE4, coming up 2 pages "short", I elected to give one of the cast members her own little solo outing." And here is half of that story, featuring Isis, as coloured by Tom Smith:

You can see some more preview art for that issue amongst the posts at the original posting, here. And, Tom Smith also has a colour version of the cover for the final issue of the series online:

Meanwhile, this week saw the release of the second issue in the Assignment: Earth series (which was one page short itself). "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" is pretty much a crossover between TOS and A:E, with Gary and the gang doing their best to clean up after the Enterprise in a retelling of the events of "Tomorrow is Yesterday". I found the execution a little convoluted at times - a few too many "Gary just wants to check the Enterprise gang know what they're doing, oh they do best get out of the way". But it was still pretty enjoyable, and featured some really nice panel layouts.


Bernard said...

Isis was hot in this one. Downside: the story just seemed kinda oh-hum. Nothing truly extraordinary.

8of5 said...

Agreed. That seems to be a problem when working around an existing story sometimes. A couple of the Klingons: Blood Will Tell issues suffered from being too constrained by events from the episodes.

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