Monday 2 June 2008

Action figure offer with Alternate Realities

TV Shows on have followed up on their earlier report announcing the latest Fan Collective DVD set "Alternate Realities" with the release of the preliminary box art for the set:

As the art shows the set will also include the opportunity to mail away for an exclusive action figure from Diamond Select Toys, which TV Shows on DVD report will be a version of Geordi La Forge.

This follows on from the Q Fan Collective set that offered a Tapestry version of Picard, in his alternate timeline science division uniform. Of course TNG had no mirror universe episodes, so that leaves either a re-release of the All Good Things... version of Geordi (previously released in a two-pack with AGT Data) or a new Captain La Forge figure based on his appearance in the Voyager episode Timeless, which seems plausible in terms of a cheap modification of existing moulds as DST have already done a Nemesis Geordi.

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