Monday 9 June 2008

Destiny and Kobayashi Maru blurbs and have released blurbs for the Destiny trilogy and the next Enterprise novel respectively. Here they are (including the previously known one for the first in the Destiny trilogy), but be warned, they're pretty spoilerific:

Destiny #1: Gods of the Night
The Borg return -- with a vengeance! Blitzkreig attacks by the single-minded aliens with their hive mentality and their mission to assimilate every intelligent being they encounter are leaving whole worlds aflame. No one knows how they are slipping past Starfleet's defences, so Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew are detailed to find out -- and to put a stop to it if they can. Meanwhile, thousands of light years away, Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Titan follow bizarre energy pulses to a mysterious, hidden world. There they find a figure out of legend: a Starfleet captain long thought dead. And at the same time, over in the Gamma Quadrant, newly promoted Captain Dax and her crew investigate the wreck of the Earth starship Columbia NX-02, missing in action for more than two centuries.

Destiny #2: Mere Mortals
The Borg have found a secret passage through subspace and are using it to attack the Federation. But the passage is only one of many that the Enterprise crew have discovered inside a nebula. Working together, Captains Picard and Dax must find the right one before they can lead a counterstrike to stop the Borg invasion. Meanwhile, Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are being held hostage by the powerful reclusive aliens know as the Caeliar. Their freedom hinges of the action of fellow-prisoner Erica Hernandez, commander of the long-lost starship Columbia. Hernandez has lived among the Caeliar for centuries, enduring disasters, accidental time travel and interstellar exiles. After so long, can she be persuaded to fight for her freedom, or is it too late for the Titan as well as for her?

Destiny #3: Lost Souls
An armada of several thousand Borg cubes has wiped out a fleet of ships sent by the Federation and its allies. This time the goal of the Collective is not assimilation but extermination. Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker and Ezri Dax unite in a final desperate bid to halt the Borg's genocidal progress through known space. But their three starships - the Enterprise, the Titan and the Aventine - are no match for the Borg armada. Or are they? With them is Erica Hernandez, former captain of the missing starship Columbia. Endowed with powers and insight gained from centuries spent with the alien Caeliar, she can end the Borg threat forever - or transform it into a menace which will devour the entire galaxy.

Kobayahi Maru
To protect the cargo ships essential to the continuing existence of the fledgling Coalition of Planets, the captains of the United Earth's Starfleet are ordered to interstellar picket duty, with little more to do than ask "Who goes there?" into the darkness of space.

Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise™ seethes with frustration, wondering if anyone else can see what he sees. A secret, closed, militaristic society, convinced that their survival hangs by a thread, who view their neighbors as a threat to their very existence -- the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Russians of the old Soviet Union, the Koreans under Kim Il-sung -- with only one goal: attain ultimate power, no matter the cost. The little-known, never-seen Romulans seem to live by these same principles.

The captain realizes that the bond between the signers of the Coalition charter is fragile and likely to snap if pushed. But he knows that the Romulans are hostile, and he believes they are the force behind the cargo ship attacks. If asked, Archer can offer no proof without endangering his friend's life.

To whom does he owe his loyalty: his friend, his world, the Coalition? And by choosing one, does he not risk losing all of them? What is the solution to a no-win scenario?

Make your way over to the TrekBBS (the users of which pointed these out) to discuss Destiny and Kobayashi Maru.


Bernard said...

What's your take on this evolution of Trek novels?

I have no problem with a grand story involving all generations of Trek. That I'm' actually looking forward to. I just have my doubts about the whole Borg thing and then bringing Hernandez in with powers then to top it off it's supposed to change Trek forever?!

Why the skepticism? The last such little trilogy they did involved Janeway becoming part of the Q Continuum.

I've read Trek for years and this was the first time I was actually disappointed with a book.

8of5 said...

Well it seems obvious now that everything in the TNG relaunch to date is essentially setting the scene for Destiny. I have no problem with the Borg being used lots, I found Resistance disappointing, but enjoyed Before Dishonor, and am sure whatever the Borg stories we have coming up are, they'll be good reads. Hernandez seems an odd person to pop-up in the 24th century, but hey-ho, it's all good fun and I expect Destiny to be amazing.

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