Tuesday 11 March 2008

Peter David on Turnaround

Newsarama have posted an interview with Peter David in which he talks about New Frontier; it's development, the previous New Frontier comic, Double Time, and of course the new miniseries, Turnaround. He provided some new information on the forthcoming miniseries:

"when we first introduced New Frontier, we had a core cast of characters and they were all on the Excalibur. As time as progressed, a number of them have moved on to different venues, as happens in life. And all those venues appear in the miniseries: Calhoun and Co. on the Excalibur, Robin Lefler and Kalinda on New Thallon, Shelby on Bravo Station, Kat Mueller on the Trident, and Soleta on her ship, the Specter."

"It features the full range of seriousness and humor that is integral to New Frontier, ranging from Calhoun witnessing the gut-wrenching and brutal death of a key New Frontier cast member, to the mountainous Zak Kebron endeavoring to extract information from an unwilling individual by making him sit through a slide show of every vacation Kebron's family ever went on.

Plus, for the very first time, we'll be visualizing key characters such as Morgan Primus, answering questions that New Frontier fans have had going back years. It's a can't-miss for longtime New Frontier fans. And for people who have never read it, it will serve as a great introduction to the characters."

The article also came with this new page of art:

UPDATE: And to trump that art, Newsarama have also posted the first five pages, with text for the first time. Go here to read it.

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