Thursday 27 March 2008

2009 calendar details have released the first details of next year's Star Trek calendars. As it was this year there will be two calendars in 2009, an Original Series one and a Ships of the Line one.
The TOS calendar will feature the usual assortment of promo photos and captures from the episodes and films with a CGI centerfold image by Robert Bonchune (new feature? I haven’t a clue as I've never even looked at these promo shot collections... this year, I shall). Here's the cover Amazon have up for it:
The far more exciting Ships of the Line calendar, full of lovely new original images will "feature several TOS Enterprises (original and refit), a TMP Vulcan shuttle, Shuttle Galileo, DS9’s Defiant, a Species 8472 ship, USS Voyager, a Klingon Bird of Prey, the Enterprise D, and a new TNG era ship designed by Andy Probert". TrekMovie have posted one of the images featuring a Vulcan shuttle about to dock with the Enterprise (given it's square format this is presumably the cover - Amazon have another cover up but that's just a mock-up from one of this year's images). And this image of a Constitution class model in what looks rather like a wind tube, doing a "warp test" apparently:
Make your way to TrekMovie for the other Ships of the Line image and full list of the contributing artists (and a little history of Star Trek calendars). Unless TrekMovie release it earlier too, the backcover image for the calendars will probably show up on the net about August time, so there’s something for us to look forward to…

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