Tuesday 4 March 2008

First Destiny blurb

Amazon.co.uk have posted a blurb for Gods of the Night, the first book in the Destiny crossover trilogy out later this year:

The Borg return -- with a vengeance! Blitzkreig attacks by the single-minded aliens with their hive mentality and their mission to assimilate every intelligent being they encounter are leaving whole worlds aflame. No one knows how they are slipping past Starfleet's defences, so Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew are detailed to find out -- and to put a stop to it if they can.

Meanwhile, thousands of light years away, Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Titan follow bizarre energy pulses to a mysterious, hidden world. There they find a figure out of legend: a Starfleet captain long thought dead. And at the same time, over in the Gamma Quadrant, newly promoted Captain Dax and her crew investigate the wreck of the Earth starship Columbia NX-02, missing in action for more than two centuries.

TrekMovie.com also recently provided some details on the trilogy, their description (in this article) was as follows:

The first book, Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night will feature the crews of the Enterprise-E and Titan, as well as some of the DS9 relaunch cast and a ‘notable persona’ from the past. Book two, Mere Mortals is set in two separate times, while book three, Lost Souls promises a look at the distant past and a forging of the future of the Star Trek literary universe.

Thanks to ZoeZhang on the TrekBBS who tracked down the Amazon blurb and posted it in this post on said forums, where a cheerful debate about the Borg returning again is currently underway. More Borg the better if you ask me, and nice use of the Ships of the Line image of the crashed Columbia too.

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