Tuesday 11 March 2008

Future Manga details

TrekMovie.com have posted a review of Tokyopop's Star Trek manga efforts so far and announced details of what's to come. Here's the lowdown:

The third book, Aratanaru Michi He, will be 192 pages long, featuring four 45 page stories (rather than five slightly shorter ones like the previous volumes). The stories are:

Bandi, by David Gerrold with art by Don Hudson -"a light-hearted story, and will feature Kirk trying to control his anger."

Art of War, by Wil Wheaton with art by EJ Su - "[showing] Kirk dealing with his hatred of Klingons, but for the first time sympathizing too (foreshadowing the peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingons)."

Inalienable Rights, by Nathaniel Bowden with art by Heidi Arnold. "a tale of morality about a first contact with a race that is not yet ready and will focus more on Scotty."

Sonata, by Luis Reyes with art by Nate Wilson. "tells a story of Spock in command and finding it lonely at the top."

TrekMovie also released this cover art for the book:

After that book (out in July) Tokyopop will finally be getting to some TNG manga (which was initially what they were going to start with but was put on hold for TOS's 40th anniversary - find out more about that, here). Two books are already on the way, the first, with contributions by Diane Duane, David Gerrold, Christine Boylan, and FJ DeSanto will be out in October and the second in February next year.

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