Friday 15 October 2021

The Mirror War #1 comic preview, covers, and artwork

Out this week is issue one(ad) of IDW's new mirror universe comic event series The Mirror War(ad) - Although if you're following the series it will feel more like the second issue, as it was preceded by an issue zero(ad). Building on IDW's three previous TNG mirror universe miniseries(ad), this eight issue series, with numerous one-shot side stories also promised, will expand on the story of the remnant of the Terran Empire still active in the 24th century, and the grand ambition of mirror-Picard and crew. The core series in the event is written by Scott and David Tipton, with art by Gavin Smith, coloured by Charlie Kirchoff. 

This first issue is offered in no less than four covers! The A cover(ad) featuring mirror-Picard and a montage of other characters and ships, is by J.K. Woodward; who created the look of the IDW TNG-mirror universe crew in their first miniseries, and has been involved in some capacity with all the subsequent outings. The B cover(ad) featuring echoes of Barclay, is by Amanda Madriga. There's then a rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by Mark Alvarado, featuring a shattered vision of Data. Finally there's the most elusive cover of all an online exclusive convention cover(ad) offered as part of the New York Comic Con last weekend, which features Picard, as illustrated by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel.

Continue below to check out all those covers, a five-page preview, and artwork from the book. Look out for cool stuff including the Enterprise-D's captain's yacht in action, and black versions of the Insurrection-style dress uniforms!

All the interior artwork from the book by Gavin Smith is up for sale via Modern Mythology Comic Art right now! Indeed several pages have sold already. These are some of my favourite pages, especially that intense panel on the Klingon bridge!

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