Thursday 21 October 2021

New Star Trek 3D Chess Collection figurines

Eaglemoss: Hero Collector have launched a new Star Trek collectable range, the Star Trek 3D Chess Collection(ad), which combines the classic game in it's tridimensional Star Trek form, with figurines of characters from across the Trekverse. Continue below to check out details of this new series.

The collection promises to delivery 48 characters as chess pieces, comprising three full sets, themed on The Original Series, The Next Generation, and "Aliens and Enemies".  The pieces are at 1:21 scale, making most of them about 3.5 inches tall, and they are all hand painted metallic resin. 

The first nine issues have so far been announced, which will be:
  1. Captain Picard (TNG King)
  2. Captain Kirk (TOS King)
  3. Data (TNG Rook)
  4. Spock (TOS Bishop)
  5. Borg Queen (Aliens Queen)
  6. Worf (TNG Knight)
  7. Gorn, Enterprise-era (Aliens Rook)
  8. Xindi Insectoid (Aliens Pawn)
  9. Tasha Yar (TNG Knight)
I think these represent the first models of both the Enterprise-era Gorn and Xindi Insectoid, which makes me very curious to see what other aliens the Aliens and Enemies set might offer up.

The series theming of these sets obviously gives great potential for expansion into additional series themed sets should it prove a popular series (ie. DS9, Voyager, etc). There are also planned special issues, which in the case of Eaglemoss' Marvel(ad) and DC chess collections(ad) have offered alternate pieces (ie. a different character or version of the character to swap into a set as your knight, rook, etc).

Each figure will come with a digital-only magazine.

The series is offered on a subscription basis, with the chess board itself a "free gift" after the fifth shipment - Two issues are shipped a month, so you'd get it after having ten pieces in hand already (which will still give you a while to wait before you can start playing chess on it!).

The board is a full sized replica of the classic TOS design, which makes it an imposing 27 inches tall! There have been other tridemsional chess sets before of course, from The Noble Collection(ad) and Franklin Mint(ad), but both were half scaled, so this is the first official chance to get a full sized version of the board.

Here are some more pictures of the collection in action:

At the moment the subscriptions for this series only seem to be open to UK(ad) and US customers(ad), but I'm sure it will open up to other markets in due course. In the case of their previous Marvel(ad) and DC sets(ad), Eaglemoss have offered the individual issues via their webshop too, so it's possible you may be able to pick up particular characters you like on that basis, if you wanted to treat this purely as a figurine collection, assuming they do the same for this collection.

$4.95 + Free shipping

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