Thursday 28 October 2021

Prodigy launch previews

Star Trek Prodigy, the new animated series aimed at younger viewers, has begun! At least for viewers in the US, Canada, and parts of the world where Paramount+(ad) has so far launched. The series will also air on Nickelodeon at a later date, and hopefully find its way to other parts of the world too. Whether you can watch it yet or not, Paramount+ have released several clips and promos to wet our appetites. So get a taste below:

First up here are the clips from the first episode, Lost and Found. This first one highlights the magic of the universal translator:

While this second clip is much more action orientated:
I previously posted some character-specific promo videos, and Paramount+ have completed that series for all the hero characters now. So here are introductions to Zero (navigator), Jankom Pog (engineer), Rok-Tahk (science officer), Murf (no posting), and hologram-Janeway ("trainign advisor"):

To mark the launch of the series, Variety featured it on the cover, with some fun new artwork:

And check out the landscape format of the season's keyart too:

Prodigy has so far launched on Paramount+(ad) for viewers in the US, Latin America, Australia and Nordic countries. In Canada you can find it on Bell Media services. It remains unknown when and where viewers anywhere else in the world can watch it; Paramount+ will be launching in additional European countries early in 2022 though, so while it has yet to be confirmed, it feels likely many European viewers are going to have to wait for that.

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