Wednesday 11 August 2021

New images and details of the Playmobil USS Enterprise

Following initial listings and details of Playmobil's huge USS Enterprise playset(ad) a month or so ago, Playmobil have now started to more actively promote the release, due in September, on their website, social media, and to the wider media. This includes the release of loads of new images of impressive model, and new details about some of its play features. Continue below to check out the latest.

The key features of the meter long model are that it includes built in playsets of the bridge and engineering, all seven of the main TOS characters in Playmobil-figure form, electronic lights and sounds, and an interactive app to further bring it to life.

The product listing on Playmobil's website has now revealed some of specifics of the play features, which include working buttons on the bridge consoles to control the electronic features, the necessity to correctly install the "dilithium core" in engineering to allow said features to work, and a built in cradle for mobile phones so you can place them in front of the viewscreen to make it a functional display on the bridge. Here's how they outline them:
Discover the Special Features of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701: With original sounds and dialogue from the series. With display cradle for the cell phone to watch movies. For activating the complete light and sound electronics, the dilithium core must be inserted into the removed container and then pushed into the designated position in the engine room. Thus a failure of the „warp core“ can be simulated. If the core is removed, an alarm sounds. Pressing each of the three buttons on the center console triggers a sound and light sequence: Blue button: Warp drive Red button: Alert Black button: Torpedo With USB-C port as alternative power supply. Can be placed on a stand or hung up using an included hanging device.
Some of the new images give us a better look at the figures included, which notably include Vulcan ears added to the Spock figure, an an atypical variation of the usually ear-less Playmobil character design.

Another feature of the playset is an included suspension display kit, based on a Starfleet delta, which is shown in action in these new images:

Playmobil's website home page sometimes shows another new image of the ship, from the front, as a banner promo for the release:

And the product page also has this great 360 view of the model, with the playset rooms opened up. You can also see some of the lighting features in action here:

By far my favourites of the new images though are the lifestyle photos. These firmly show off the set as an adult collector display piece rather than really being marketed as a children's toy. But what I love about them is the sheer joy of the models examining the ship and the app. Look how much fun they're having. So much joy!!

You can see in these last couple of pictures the interactive app in action, which seems to show a quiz function, and some random trivia.

The Playmobil USS Enterprise playset(ad) is expected to arrive in September. It remains unclear whether this is a one-off collectable from Playmobil, or a splashy start to a more extensive Star Trek range from the brand.

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