Tuesday 3 August 2021

Latest Star Trek Shipyards book preview pages introduce the ships of the 32nd century Starfleet

Check out Discovery's 32nd century fleet, in our best look yet at all the many varied designs of Starfleet's distant future!

This is the chapter heading image from Eaglemoss: Hero Collector's new updated edition of the Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2294 - the Future(ad) book, which is due out this month. The Star Trek: Shipyards(ad) series builds upon content from the various versions of The Official Starships Collection, along with new pages, to catalogue the starships of the Star Trek universe, and this new updated volume lets Eaglemoss add in content for new ships from Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks. It will also add in the Akira class which was erroneously omitted from the first edition. Continue below for more preview pages.

Previously released preview pages have supplied us with the full contents listing. In addition to all the new 32nd century ships above we can also expect the USS Discovery-A, the Inquiry class (all the variations) and Wallenberg class from Picard, and the USS Cerritos, USS Titan, and USS Vancouver from Lower Decks (alas the tiny background ships from Lower Decks aren't getting any love yet).

A couple of the newly added ships have also been highlighted in previously released pages:

IGN posted the new 32nd century fleet image above, alongside a selection of other pages representing ships carried over from the first edition

See my previous report for a look at even more preview pages from the book!

This new book is the first time Eaglemoss have done an updated edition of one of the books in the series. Alongside this there are also ongoing new releases to chronicle other ships, with a two volume set collecting aliens of the Delta Quadrant due to be completed soon, and another two volumes to catalogue the Alpha Quadrant (and Beta and Gamma Quadrants, but headlining under Alpha) also on the way!

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