Friday 20 August 2021

Eaglemoss starship previews: Final STO ship, first Discovery ship in the Universe collection, and loads of classic TOS, TNG, and Voyager ships on the way!

Eaglemoss: Hero Collector have announced several new issues in their various starship model collections, including the final model from the Star Trek Online series, the first Discovery ship in the Universe series, and a whole bunch of new bonus issues offering up ships from Voyager, TNG, and TOS! Continue below to check them all out:

First up we have issue twenty in the Star Trek Online series(ad) Star Trek Online series, the USS Concorde(ad). This four-nacelled design original to the game is due to arrive in November.

Alas STO fans, this will be the final ship from the game Eaglemoss are producing. The STO spin-off series was originally due to run for ten issues, but already had an extension doubling that number. But despite being some of the most incredibly detailed ships Eaglemoss has produced, there evidently hasn;t been enough buy-in to justify doing more. As Eagelmosss' Ben Robinson tweeted:
We were never able to sell quite enough of these to make any money. It's a shame because there's some lovely work here. Can't thank everyone enough.

Also due in November, the larger sized Star Trek Universe collection(ad), which will include ships from all the current production era live action series, gets to issue nine. So far the series has focused exclusively on the ships of Picard season one, but this issue finally offers up the promise of a mixed collection, with the first Discovery ship to join the run, the Section 31 Deimos class(ad), one of the Section 31 fleet from the end of season two.

Eaglemoss have previewed this ship would be coming as part of the series, but I still raised an eyebrow at seeing it was coming now; a super obscure background ship coming ahead of all the exciting new 32nd century designs, or indeed the completion of the initial wave of Picard ships, seems odd right?

Well, maybe not: There's only one Picard ship Eaglemoss have teased as still to come in the initial run, a Romulan design, and four of the preceding six releases have also been Romulans, so maybe Eaglemoss just wants to offer a bit of variety?

Synth ship, not yet confirmed for the collection
There are a few more Picard ships they could yet make (but haven't previewed any of them yet): The Artifact Borg Cube, which surely would be a special if they do it?. The Synth fighters (which per STO are also called Deimos class), which would have been a good option for sure. The Soong-Synth orchids, which I'd be surprised if Eaglemoss do considering they generally stay away from more delicate and lifeformy sort-of-starships. Plus a handful of minor background smallcraft, which who knows maybe Eaglemoss will do some time - See my article on the ships of Picard for a rundown of everything there could be - In short, they're running out of major Picard ships and maybe want a break from Romulans. 

Coming soon...
What about Discovery season three? Well maybe they're just not ready yet? And on top of that Eaglemoss likes to do little sub-collections (the First Contact fleet, the Wolf 359 fleet, the Excelsior concepts, etc), so this new release completes the run of Section 31 ships previously offered as part of the separate Discovery starships collection, a dangling thread they maybe couldn't resist.

What this makes me wonder more is, when will Disco season three ships start to come? On top of the above mentioned Picard ships, there's also a handful of unproduced earlier Discovery ships waiting for attention; might we get more of those before Eaglemoss work out how to delivery floating detached nacelles?

Meanwhile, back in the realm of the classic Trek series, there's a lot of exciting news of ships that have been confirmed! After a year's hiatus, the line of bonus releases to the original Starships Collection has now resumed, with the first of those beginning another one of those sub-collections, the Kelvin timeline fleet. The three most prominent designs from Star Trek: The Future Begins are coming over the next couple of months; the USS Newton(ad), USS Mayflower(ad), and out now, the USS Armstrong(ad). The back of the box "coming soon..." preview from that new release has revealed a whole load more ships on the way!

We already knew about the USS Valiant concept art Defiant class(ad), but newly revealed are several ships from Voyager, TNG, and even TOS: The Kazon Crusier, Steth's Benthan coaxial warp drive ship, a Talarian observation craft, and Nomad!

There are a fair few ships of the week, and even recurring designs, that Eaglemoss didn't manage to make before the original 180-issue run concluded (the prominent Kazon ship one of the most egregious omissions), so this renewed run of bonus issues should help fill in some notable gaps. So far the three Kelvin ships and the Defiant-concept are scheduled for just about fortnightly releases. These newly revealed ships add another two months of releases, if that pace holds, so we could in effect be seeing the original Starships Collection resuming here, just without the option of subscription. Long may it continue; there are many more ships from the older series I'd still like to see!

Finally, looking to Eaglemoss: Hero Collector's other sort of starship series, if you're a regular reader you'll know I've been following progress on the Build the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D model kit part work(ad) via the in-depth build videos from World of Wayne. The latest video covers pack eight, which is mostly dealing with more bits of the saucer, and part of the neck:

To get hold of the latest ships, look for individual releases via the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK. For discounted pre-orders, check Things For Another World(ad) too, who normally offer a 20% pre-order discount.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Star Trek Universe collection in the US(ad)UK(ad)Germany(ad), and other parts of Europe(ad). And the same for the Build the USS Enterprise-D Collection in the US(ad)UK(ad), and Europe(ad)

For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.

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Unknown said...

As always, The Trek Collective is the gold standard on all things Trek from 1966 to the present. Your Eaglemoss Trek content is the best & most accurate on the net. One concern for Eaglemoss: their renderings of the renovated Discovery-A depict the vessel in the copper skin it’s worn since Season 1. For the refit, the skin was redone in gorgeous silver, and subtle changes made to the secondary hull. Remembering their version of the TOS Enterprise from the pilots with the jarring absence of the high bridge tower, I hope the Eaglemoss team takes advantage of this opportunity & doesn’t produce a copper refit that is just a duplicate of the first version with the nacelles chopped off. If you can put a word in with Eaglemoss, it would gladden the hearts of many collectors & your followers. Thanks!

Moshe Z. Matitya said...

Factory Entertainment has a very nice die-cast metal Nomad figure, which they sell for $10.

It will be interesting to see how Eaglemoss' version of Nomad compares with this.

Fox said...

Aw, that's a shame. I really loved the STO ships, even if the quality was a bit inconsistent from issue to issue. At least the Concorde is sexy AF.

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