Wednesday 25 August 2021

One-week Mego Star Trek action figure exclusives from Topps. plus the latest Mego TOS, TNG, and 14 inch releases

Retro action figure makers Mego recently announced a new partnership with Topps to release exclusive action figures on a weekly basis, and on just the second week of this initiative, there are two new Mego Star Trek figures on offer, for one week only. Continue below to check them out, plus their latest TOS and TNG character regular releases, and their new larger sized 14 inch figures.

The Topps arrangement is in effect a crowdfunding pre-order offer, where new characters are offered for a one-week pre-order period, and so long as a minimum order threshold is met, they go into production, and arrive about 90-100 business days later - So these first two characters should turn up in January.

On offer now we have a The Motion Picture version of Spock:

This is the first Motion Picture release in the new era of Mego (which relaunched a couple of years ago), but of course Mego has done a lot of TMP toys(ad) in the past, being the main toy company for the film at release. That included Spock in a twelve inch action figure assortment(ad), and curiously this new figure appears to be modelled after that figure as much as the film, with the prominent grey V neck shared between the two toys, but I don't think Spock on-screen!

The second figure on offer is TOS TV-era Kor the Klingon:

If you would like to order either of these, get yourself over to Topps' website this week, before the pre-order period closes.

Kor here is a variant release of the recently released Kang figure(ad), which has a normal wider release as part of wave 13 of Mego's regular releases, which started to arrive last month. Check him out:

Mego have also release some more images of their wave 12 figures since I last updated on their range. So here's a good look at the Salt Vampire(ad):

And Scotty(ad):

To celebrate these releases and others, Mego have created some delightfully silly retro advert videos:

There's also news of more TOS characters coming in wave 14, due out in January. That assortment will include a new "55th anniversary" Spock figure(ad), and a Kirk, with a new head sculpt(ad). Exactly what form the variants will be hasn't been revealed yet, as images haven't been released.

Wave 14 will also include a new TNG character, Geordi La Forge(ad). He will be joining another new TNG figure just released in wave 13, Commander Riker(ad), alongside the previous Picard(ad), Data(ad), Locutus(ad), and Q(ad) figures,. The Riker figure offers a significant upgrade to his earlier Starfleet colleagues, as the new  figure has a proper molded combadge, much better than the previous printed on design! Check him out (some of the images below originally released via the excellent Mego Museum):

Finally, the latest batch of releases also brought us a new format for Mego Star Trek, huge 14 inch figures! The initial wave, which should be starting to arrive about now, is all TOS TV era, including a Gorn(ad), Captain Kirk(ad), and Spock(ad). Here they are:

A few of the above images were released via Mego Museum (a super website!), including this interesting Spock comparison of the new 14 inch figure alongside the more familiar Mego 8 inch version.

To check out previous Mego updates, check back through my Mego tag. And to keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2021 schedule page.

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