Tuesday 9 March 2021

Wear a Borg Cube on your back, plus other Star Trek backpacks and lunch boxes

The Star Trek Shop has launched a new range of Star Trek backpacks, which include a Borg Cube design, meaning you can help the Collective bring order to chaos as you take the Borg with you on your daily excursions (in the event you're going anywhere right now!). It's one of five designs in the range, continue below to check them out.

Perhaps calling this a Borg Cube is a bit of a stretch, as it's more a Borg rounded-oblong... But it's inspired by a Borg Cube at least, specifically The Artifact, from Picard, with it's distinctive trenches - If you are looking for a strictly Cube-shaped practical container, check out the lunch boxes below too.

Most of the other designs in the range are inspired by that reliable focus of Star Trek merchandise, Starfleet uniforms. Available are Discovery, TOS, or TNG uniform bags, all command division - Across the three that means you still get all the classic Trek colours, blue, yellow, and red, thanks to the shift colours of uniforms across the series. I think this is one of the better uses of Starfleet uniforms for merchandise, with the bold colours and shapes translating nicely into backpack designs.

The final design feels a bit more generic, a Starfleet Academy logo bag, with a repeating pattern of Starfleet deltas.

All the backpacks are described as water-resistant, and are made from 100% polyester. They measure 42cm tall, 31cm wide, and 10cm deep, and feature large inner compartment, with a separate section for a 15 inch laptop, a front pocket, and a hidden pocket at the back. They can all be found at the Star Trek Shop.

In a similar fashion, Intimo, who more often can be found making sleepwear, have also launched a new range of lunch box bags inspired by Starfleet uniforms. Their range includes TOS science(ad) or command designs(ad), or TNG command(ad). These all feature an insulated design, and two compartments.

Finally, I have shared this one before, but if you are seeking a Borg Cube that's actually a cube, The Coop's Borg Cube lunch box bag(ad) from a couple of years ago should do the trick:

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These are so cute!!!

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