Thursday 18 March 2021

Funko Pops return to Star Trek The Original Series with new mirror universe characters and more

Funko have revealed a new assortment of Star Trek characters in their Pop! vinyl figure collection, returning to The Original Series for a second time, with a mostly Mirror, Mirror themed set of characters.

UPDATE: And have now announced the range will also include Khan; check him out below. 

According to Entertainment Earth(ad), most of the characters are expected in June (although most other retailers say July): Khan(ad), alongside Captain Kirk in his captain's chair(ad)mirror-Uhura(ad)mirror-Sulu(ad)mirror-Spock(ad), and mirror-Kirk(ad). Spock holding Isis will be available directly as a exclusive, and the Gorn(ad) a Target exclusive.

Here's a closer look at each of the characters. UPDATE: Via TrekMovie, the packaging too.

These were all initially revealed in a quite bizarre gameshow formatted announcement video, alongside other new Funko characters from other series. If you care to endure it, you can watch here:

Funko have visited the Star Trek universe several times before for their Pop! range, including a TOS assortment(ad) back in 2014. That included another version of mirror-Spock(ad), and more simple takes on regular Kirk(ad) and Spock(ad), plus Scotty(ad), an Andorian(ad), Klingon(ad), and Vina/Orion(ad).

They have also produced characters from TNG(ad), Star Trek Beyond(ad), Discovery(ad), and TOS cosplaying characters from The Big Bang Theory(ad)

Support The Trek Collective, via pre-order links for the new range:
Spock and Isis
Not available to order yet
Captain Kirk in captain's chair
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).
Amazon(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad)Target(ad)Zavvi(ad).

See my Trek Collective list for a look back through all the previous releases, or browse back through my Funko tag to see previous reports on all Funko's Star Trek toys.

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