Tuesday 16 March 2021

Black alert: USS Discovery pizza cutter has arrived

The real purpose of the USS Discovery's spinning saucer has finally been confirmed; it's a pizza cutter! Yes the inevitable has finally arrived, thanks to Ukonic, we can now get our very own USS Discovery pizza cutter(ad), the third starship to take on the task! Continue below to check it out:

Ukonic warn to be careful around mushrooms:
Black alert! This Star Trek Discovery Pizza Cutter is modeled after the Crossfield-class starship from the latest series Star Trek: Discovery. You hold Discovery by its long, tapered nacelles, and the segmented saucer section rotates to slice your pie. But with that experimental spore drive onboard, Disco fans know that if you order mushrooms, you do so at your own risk. If you accidentally tap into the mycelial network, we can't be held responsible. 

This new pizza cutter follows up on what at this point might be considered a Star Trek merchandise classic, the USS Enterprise pizza cutter(ad). This was first created by ThinkGeek more than a decade ago! Ukonic re-released that design themselves just last year.

After the success of the original, ThinkGeek also released a gold plated version (really!), and an Enterprise-D pizza cutter. Both of which are out of production now.

The new USS Discovery pizza cutter is available now, and first, at Toynk(ad). Check the links below to find the rest of the range:

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USS Enterprise gold-plated pizza cutter
USS Enterprise-D pizza cutter

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