Monday 18 January 2021

First look at 2022 Star Trek calendars

We might be less than a month into this year, but Universe Publishing have already set their sights on 2022, and revealed no less than seven Star Trek calendars(ad) ready for next year! All the calendar series that been offered for 2021 are set to continue next year, joined by the surprise resurrection of a classic series. Continue below to check out the range.

First up, the eternal highlight of the calendar range, Ships of the Line(ad); the starship art calendar, which is presented in landscape format with a pretty minimal actual calendar.

The cover artist is from these previews so far unknown, but the image is an obvious homage to the classic TOS art by John Knoll and Mikido Uesugi, used on the cover of The Art of Star Trek(ad) book. 

The back cover hasn't been released yet, so we cant check out all the art in this edition, but a couple of preview pages have, with TOS movie-era art from Alain Rivard, and Star Trek Online art from Thomas Marrone - I think this is the first STO art to feature in the calendar, and for sure the first appearance of the Enterprise-F.

The surprise edition to this year's line-up is the return of the Star Trek: The Next Generation calendar(ad). 2022 will be TNG's 35th anniversary, so maybe this is a one off extra calendar to mark that, but the series also seems to be increasingly treated with similar levels of nostalgia that TOS has long enjoyed, so maybe it's just re-earned it's place as being calendar worthy? Buzz around Picard probably helps too! Whatever the reason, this will be the first TNG calendar since 2013, which brought us a one-off belated 25th anniversary calendar, after a gap of another decade since the last TNG calendar before.

Preview pages show them going all out for LCARS - Though of course subject to change with previews so far ahead of publication.

TOS has had a calendar every year since forever, and so of course that continues with the 2022 edition(ad):

Most of the current series also have calendars (but not Lower Decks alas). So here's Discovery(ad), which hopefully will get updated to the season three title style, and some season three images, before publication:

And here's Picard 2022(ad) too:

Apparently becoming a regular release, Cats of the USS Enterprise(ad) is back for the second year in a row, with art from TOS and TNG cats:

And finally there's the franchise spanning Star Trek 2022 daily calendar(ad), featuring colour images from all of Trek:

Normally previews this early in the year do change come publication later in the year, so bear that in mind. Currently the whole range is set for July release.

Additionally there are normally separate UK market releases from Danilo, and Germany language calendars too. 

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