Saturday 16 January 2021

Discovery round-up: Cool art, latest behind the scenes, amazing aliens, double Captain's Logs, and more

With Discovery season three now at an end, there's still a lot of new content being shared in it's wake, celebrating the completed season, and all the amazing behind the scenes work that went into make it. Continue below to check out amazing alien make-up, cast and location photos, artwork, and more.

First up is this cool college of everything season three, which has been shared across CBS's Trek social media. It includes some nice new views of the 32nd century Starfleet ships:

Following last week's That Hope Is You, Part 2, CBS released several official behind the scenes photos. Including this nice cast group:

Of course there's also plenty of behind the scenes in the final episode of this run of The Ready Room. That includes a featurette looking at the episode, and another with VFX breakdowns, plus interviews with Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), director Olatunde Osunsanmi, and writer and executive producer Michelle Paradise. You can also watch this on, YouTube, or Facebook, if you prefer to Instagram below:

Cast and crew have also been sharing lots of bits and bobs looking at their work. Perhaps the most remarkable is this video of contortionist Jinny Jessica Jacinto, the actor beneath the CGI enhanced Monster. Amazing:

Jinny Jessica Jacinto and make-up artist Shane Zander also shared a whole bunch of photos of the practical make-up that went into this creature:

Dipping right back to the start of the season, Zander also shared a bunch of photos showing off the glorious work on Cosmo Traitt the Betelgeusian, played by David Tomlinson:

Another bit of make-up behind the scenes comes via Doug Jones, who shared this image of himself with Bill Irwin about to become his fellow Kelpien Su'Kal:

Here we have two versions of Kanak, the Emerald Chain Regulator of as yet unknown species. On the right is Lisa Berry who shared the photo, next to her stunt double Yvette McKoy. McKoy also shared a photo of herself with an Andorian:

Via Kenneth Mitchell we have this unique view of Aurellio:

And lesser known members of the Disco crew are celebrated in this photo shared by John Adam Huggins, alongside Pamela Mars, Michelle Browne and others.

And two last bits of behind the scenes come from David Ajala, who shared these videos of work on location in Iceland right back at the start of the season:

Back to more official channels, the latest in the occasional series of social media travel posters celebrates the unlikely (deadly) tourist destination of the Verubin Nebula:

Also from Trek social media, we have presumably the last two entries in the Logs series, with both Saru and Burnham reflecting on the final events of the season, and the change in command:

As always, CBS held back a selection of more spoiler stills from the final episode of the season. So here's some cool images from That Hope is You, Part 2:

Finally, here's some swooshy new artwork for Disco now in circulation:

Alongside previous seasons, the series can be found on CBS All Access(ad) in the US, and Bell Media services in Canada, and Netflix in almost all of the rest of the world (barring a few countries where Netflix doesn't work). 

To keep track of all the latest Discovery news, have a look back through my Discovery tag, for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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