Friday 22 January 2021

First look at Eaglemoss' La Sirena and USS Zheng He

The new series-spanning Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection(ad) is set to launch this April, and Eaglemoss have now revealed the first two models in that collection: Both from Picard, La Sirena, and the USS Zheng He. 

The new collection will eventually encompass all the current live action TV series, including Picard, Discovery, and Strange New Worlds (and presumably the Section 31 show eventually too), and takes the place of the previous Discovery only series(ad) (but continues with that series' bigger than Eaglemoss-classic scale), enabling Eaglemoss to mix and match the most wanted ships from all the current series without having to run separate series for each - Although the series is specifically covering the live action shows, so now indication yet on what becomes of the also-awesome-ships of Lower Decks (and Prodigy when that arrives too).

It all kicks off with lots of Picard ships though, with Disco season three ships due later. The first two are now ready for previews, so continue below to check out some pretty neat looking models.

As the first issue in the series, and the hero ship from Picard, there's a particular abundance of previews for the La Sirena; via Eaglemoss' web-shop(ad) as well as the series subscription site(ad). Looks like a great model, and of course with that glorious red paint job is going to be a particularly distinctive addition to the model ship fleet.

As with Eagelmoss' other starship series, each model come with a magazine which will includes a look at the design process for each ship. Here's the magazine cover, and box art.

And here's a few renderings of the La Sirena that appeared on the Star Trek Universe collection subscription sign-up site(ad) a few days ago:

That temp image has now been replaced with another model photo, which also gives us a preview of the subscription bonus bits offered with the collection (a mug and some pins, for European subscribers at least), and notes the first issue will come at a tempting introduction offer price of 70% off. The actual subscription isn't available for sign-up just yet, but you can join an email waiting list.

For announcement of the series they released a couple of bits of snazzy concept art for the ship. Their article is an a nice account of the design process of the ship, maybe even a preview of the magazine content coming.

The second issue has also been previewed (but isn't up for pre-order yet), the USS Zheng Ha; Riker's Inquiry class ship from the final stand-off. The model gives the design a chance to shine at last:

The next two issues after this have already been confirmed, Seven of Nine's Fenris Rangers ship, and from the same episode, the refit classic Romulan Bird of Prey. The box art also suggests several others to come: The Wallenberg class transport, sections of a couple of the different contemporary Romulan ships seen in the series (there are three different bigger Romulan ship designs in Picard), plus possibly the smaller Romulan Snakehead fighter - See my previous Starships of Picard report for a look at all the potential ships to come.

It's interesting that in these preview images at least, the branding is completely Star Trek Picard, rather than the broader Star Trek Universe the series is otherwise being marketed as. I wonder if that will remain by the time the series launches; I hope not, I like the idea of a big ol' jumble of the new ships.

In other Eaglemoss ships news, also newly previewed is the latest Romulan ship in their Star Trek Online series(ad), the RRW Aelahl, which will coming as issue thirteen in that series. As ever with the STO ships, the level of detail in this model looks exceptional.

As mentioned above, the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection is due to start in April, and while you can't subscribe just yet, you can register your interest(ad) (at least in Europe, the US version isn't up yet). If you're not planning to get every ship, La Sirena can also be pre-ordered on it's own on the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK. The other ships mentioned above aren't yet up for order.



Ben said...

Why can't they be the same scale as the main line!
They'll look out of place!
Money grabbing soulless wretches!

A. Enriquez said...

The Battlestar Zeng He

Justice for all. said...

austin said... These two ships will fit in great with my Voyager Alternate Timeline diorama. Looking forward to the new shows and ships.

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