Tuesday 23 June 2020

2021 Star Trek calendar previews

The Star Trek calendars for 2021 are starting to arrive already, and so the publishers have been putting out new previews to help us decide which one to choose. There's no shortage of options this year, with six designs for the US market, two for the UK, and two in Germany as well! Continue below to check them out.

My calendar of choice is the Ships of the Line starship art calendar, and this year looks like another spectacular entry in this long running series:

This we have another great diverse mix of images, with some very innovative pieces among them:

  • Cover: NX-01 - The First to Warp Five - A beauty shot of the NX-01, by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries.
  • January: Let's See What's Out There - The USS Enterprise-A departing Spacedock, by Alain Rivard.
  • February: Deck plans of the refit NX class, by Bryant Critcher.
  • March: The Enterprise-E and a Son'a battleship in a moment from Insurrection, by Michael Wiley.
  • April: Deflectors Say There's Something There, Sensors Say There Isn't - The Defiant at Deep Space 9, being grabbed by an energy field. A variant of the cover art from the novel Ascendance, except this time featuring the original DS9 rather than the rebuilt design from the later books. By Doug Drexler.
  • May: The refit USS Enterprise in spacedock, by Marty Miller.
  • June: Starfleet personnel on a planet where a Saber class ship has crashed, DM Phoenix.
  • Centerfold: A cross-section view inside a classic Romulan Bird of Prey, by Matthew Cushman. This is the second year in a row with a centerfold in this style, and I hope a trend that will continue! 
  • July: An NX class ship encountering a Klingon ship (I think D5 class), by Matt Boardman.
  • August: A unique pair of Starfleet ships observing a planet exploding, by Dan Uyeno.
  • September: A shuttlecraft approaching another unique Starfleet ship observing the ring system of a planet, by Bill Krause.
  • October: The Dominion Conflict Goes Hot - A Dominion War battle featuring a Jem'Hadar battleship, Akira class (the USS Akira no less), and Centaur class, by Tobias Richter.
  • November: A Smithsonian style museum with a display including the Phoenix, by John Eaves (I imagine a painting).
  • December: A trio of Klingon K't'inga class ships, by Alain Rivard.
A couple of those pages have also been previewed:

Star Trek Cats are back for another calendar outing this year; the Cats of the USS Enterprise calendar features Trekified cat illustrations from both TOS and TNG (previous year's calendars have picked one series of the other), originally from the Jenny Parks books.

Star Trek Picard gets its first calendar, which of course is full of episodic stills and cast photos:

Of course there's also a Discovery calendar:

And the long running TOS calendar, which this year has become quite colourful:

Finally for US calendars, there's the 2021 Daily Calendar, which features a mix of images from across the franchise:

In the UK Danilo will be publishing two calendars for 2021, continuing their regular series there will be a TOS calendar (which is normally quite a unique and playful design), and a Ships of the Line calendar (which normally reusing the artwork from the previous year's US edition with a slightly different calendar format). They've not released any artwork for either yet though.

Meanwhile Germany also has it's own calendars. Heye have their usual TOS calendar, which is already available (published in April!). They've released previews of every page except the included poster:

 Heel meanwhile have a Klingon language calendar on the way!

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