Tuesday 5 January 2021

Mego Q and Locutus coming soon, and Saru in the wild

Mego's Star Trek action figure range is expanding with new characters from TNG and Discovery, including Saru who arrived last year, and Q and Locutus who are starting to turn up now. Continue below to check out all the latest preview images from Mego.

All of the new figures are quite ambitious designs for Mego figures, but I think Q's(ad) striking red and black judge's robes are definitely the most eye catching:

Alongside Q, we are also be getting Locutus of Borg(ad):

There's also rumour abound among Mego collectors that Mego will be coming back with a more elaborate version of Locutus later. This first version is based on his appearance in Best of both Worlds, Part 1, a more fully assimilated part 2 version would presumably including more exoplating, and implants, including his Borg armature.

These are the second TNG assortment from Mego, following on Picard(ad) and Data(ad) from last summer. Mego have released some additional images of these now, including the Mego version of the TNG phaser missing from some of the earlier photos:

In another era, Mego have now launched their Discovery line now too. Three figures have so far been planned, with Michael Burnham and Captain Pike due this year. The range began with Saru(ad) back in autumn, who even has special Kelpien boots! Check him out:

One other Mego update; it seems the UK market has had a reissue of the mirror universe Kirk and Spock two-pack(ad). This is distinct from the original US version(ad) as it now comes in a fairly flat rectangular box, rather than the visually interesting but spatially awkward triangluar box of the original release. Images via Ebay listings(ad).

For more Mego updates, check back through my Mego tag. And to keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2021 schedule page.

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