Monday 25 May 2020

Take your feet on an away mission, with new Star Trek character socks

You can turn your toes in a landing party with a new range of TOS and TNG character socks which are set to arrive in June. If you're some kind of monster, you could mix and match non-matching pair of characters between your feet to come up an ideal away team for any mission; even a crossover team-up if you wanted!

The assortment includes a three pack of TNG characters, which includes Captain Picard, Worf, and Geordi La Forge:

Or there's a TOS two pack, which includes Kirk and Spock. The Spock-socks include over-the-top sew on flapping ears (a new version of the concept pioneered by Bio World some time back).

If you're looking for a simpler Trek sock, there's also this new two pack of TOS designs, also themed on Kirk and Spock, one pair marking your souls as CAPTAIN, the other LOGICAL.

If you like funky socks, it's a pretty good time as a trekkie right now, as Socks 101 also launched a range of novelty designs, based on TOS, TNG, and Discovery, last year.

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