Thursday 10 October 2019

Get Star Treking, with the latest Star Trek shoes and socks

There's a surprising abundance of Star Trek shoes and socks of late, with creative designs spanning TNG, TOS, and Discovery. Continue below to check the latest Trek-footware:

Perhaps the most striking designs come from EMP, who have gone all out with their Star Trek sneaker designs, both based on TNG. First up, here we have the Picard sneaker, inspired by his red and black accented TV-era uniform, complete with embroidered combadge on one side, and a row of rank pips which line up nicely with the upper-most lace hole.

Even better though is the super cool USS Enterprise-D design, which was released last year:

Amazingly, these aren't the only Trek shoes on the market right now! The AVE, whose have a variety of Star Trek footware available, all on major brands - AVE's think is custom printing on shoes, so they seem to be taking existing popular shoes and adding a Star Trek twist here.

The most eye-catching in their range is surely the Sulu Starfleet design, using the bright Japanese Star Trek graphics popular on many Star Trek products and applinly them to a pair of Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor high tops.

Representing Discovery there's a delta design on a pair of Indicator Sk8 Hi Vans:

If you're looking for a lower on the ankle shoe, there's also a pair of TOS Vans featuring Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy (while Spock raises an eyebrow off-shoe!)

Finally, socks! Socks101 have a nice varied new range of colourful and imageful Star Trek designs. Here's the rainbow USS Discovery live long and prosper sock:

And ready for your jog around the ship, the Disco-delta sock:

An increasingly common design on Trek stuff of late, the Picard facepalm meme:

A Starfleet Academy logo sock:

Retro starship art TOS socks:

And finally, the classic Starfleet delta, in all department colours:

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