Friday 8 May 2020

Cherry Tree assimilate new ideas to create the Borg Cube ITX PC mark II

Makers of Borg Cube PCs, Cherry Tree, have remade their smaller Cube PC, the ITX, to create the new mark II model. Here's how the describe what they've done in their announcement:
Every company has that one product they look back at and think, “Why did we do it like this and not the other way?” A few weeks ago we came to this point with our little ITX Borg Cube, so we decided to reengineer the interior completely from scratch and the results are truly amazing. We were not only able to create more room inside and make the assembly easier, but also improve thermals. The Intel i7-9700 model plateaus at 69-71 degrees at 100% load. Every Borg Cube ITX mk ii build comes with 2 HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Power Supplies, Noctua NH-L9i CPU Cooler and improved fans. Did we mention we also were able to lower the price?

The 7.5 inch cubed PC is available in either black or a translucent green variant. It is also available either as a fully built PC, or just a case, to build as you like. I believe the exterior is the same as previous versions of the ITX, but here's a look at the redesigned insides (you can compare to the previous version in one of my earlier reports):

The new ITX is available now. If you want a more imposing Borg Cube, they also offer a much larger ATX model, or a Picard variant of the ATX. The older and slightly smaller Micro model is still available too. Have a look back through my Cherry Tree tag to check out previous releases.

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