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Sunday, 24 May 2020

Official Star Trek face masks have arrived, and they're Feeding America

The Star Trek Shop has revealed the first of the inevitable line of official Star Trek licenses face-masks. The reusable, washable, polyester masks are available in four different Star Trek designs, inspired by TOS and Picard. In a move that would surely make Picard proud, ViacomCBS are donating all the profits from the sale of these new releases to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response, which includes supporting food banks and other schemes to make sure Americans struggling in these difficult times don't go hungry.

The Picard designs are revealing some new artwork, and my favourite is the fun turn-your-face-into-a-Borg-Cube look:

There's also this collection of Picard emblems, including a few that haven't been featuring on Picard merch before:

The two TOS designs are along similar lines, with a collection of deltas, or USS Enterprises:

I'm a bit surprised they haven't gone with the bold and more obviously Trek-branded uniform style releases, or a reassuring "live long and prosper" design. Maybe more designs will follow if demand is strong. In the meantime I certainly hope you live long and prosper, and do your bit to help stop the spread of the disease.


ety3rd said...

Question: on the Picard mask, what is that circular symbol with what looks like a stylized unicorn's head in profile? I don't recognize it.

Bill said...

I like the TOS inspired masks the best. I'd like to see solid color Starfleet Red, Yellow & Blue masks w/ TOS & TNG eras delta shields on the right or left sides myself. They should also make all versions with a pocket for the PM 2.5 filters.

Brian Madsen said...
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Brian Madsen said...

Mine arrived today. It was not at all clear to me when I ordered them that these are sized for young children, and are not at all suitable for adults.

Also, the fabric is extremely thin, so even if your head is small enough to wear these, the mask is not nearly hefty enough to offer even minimal protection.

The designs are delightful, but the actual product is very disappointing, to be honest.