Saturday 10 August 2019

New ITX Borg Cube PC from Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree, makers of Borg Cube PCs, have announced a new smaller model in their range. The ITX PC is a little bigger than their smallest (the Micro), but still pretty compact, at eight inches cubed. The slightly bigger design than the Micro allows it room for a graphics card. The ITX is available either as a fully fitted out PC (to whatever spec you provide from a myriad of options), or just a case ready to build your own. Continue below for a closer look, and more details.

Themed on the Battle of Wolf 359, the ITX is offered in three limited runs of 359 units each, with 359 cases offered to customers of in the US, and another 359 in Europe, and then 359 PCs, only available in the US. In each case you can order a plain black for a regular Borg Cube look, or translucent, to give it an all over green glow! Pre-orders being taken now are expected to ship in September.

Slightly surreally, Cherry Tree are promoting this as being just a bit bigger than a guinea pig, and so to give an idea of scale, one of their images shows the Cube with a Borg guinea pig, of course.

In other CherryTree news, they recently showed of their significantly large ATX model, specifically the Picard variant there of, at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, where TrekCore got these shots:

It looks like there will also be a regular Borg Cube (without the Picard edition irregularities) of the ATX coming soon.

Meanwhile, to check out some other Borg Cube shaped things, see my Trek Collective List of Borg Cube models.

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