Tuesday 13 August 2019

Mego preview Wrath of Khan figures, and other updates

Mego have started to release further images of their forthcoming wave of Wrath of Khan action figures, continue below to check them out, and for some other Mego updates.

The first non TOS-TV era Star Trek figures to join the Mego revival range, on offer in this wave will be Admiral Kirk, Captain Spock, and of course Khan Noonien Singh. Mego's solicitations for the wave have revealed the packaging design for each, while the Mego Museum have released a large selection of images of the Spock figure:

Fewer images have been released of the Kirk figure so far, just the packaging and a couple of shots from Big Bad Toy Store's listing for the wave:

Mego social media has released a few additional images of both, including a nice close look at the new accessories:

We'd already had a little preview of the Khan figure, but we can now see the packaging, and the Mego Museum have released further and higher res images of him loose:

In other Mego news, at the recent Star Trek Las Vegas convention they revealed they are working on a Locutus figure in their larger 14 inch range of action figures. TrekCore got a good shot of the prototype, while TrekZone, reporting from mego's panel, confirmed the scale. The packaging mock-up has the wrong scale, which curiously was also the case when they previewed 14 inch TOS figures at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year.

Also at Star Trek Las Vegas Mego had some fun with life size Mego props. Posting about these, Mego seemed encouraged by how much attention they got:
We put out some Mego props at our Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Booth...so many people wanted to buy them, definitely worth discussing with CBS.

To make use of these, they also had a life size, and alive, Spock Mego figure on duty. I love the giant popper detail on his costume!

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